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Secrets of the HVAC industry

Heating and Air Service

Ever heard of pre planned obsolescence? It’s basically a fancy term for manufacturing practices that seem to be unethical because the intention is that the equipment will fail immediately after the warranty expires. As an HVAC contractor who has been in the industry for 30 years, I can definitely say there is some truth to…

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What is the best brand of HVAC equipment?

air conditioner repair

In my 29 years in the industry I have seen a multitude of equipment manufacturers come and go. It seems that every washing machine manufacturing company on the planet has tried to break into the HVAC market with their “latest and greatest” or “cost effective” models and we find out in short order the consequences…

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I can’t afford to replace my AC!!!

replace my AC

   “I can’t afford to replace my AC!!! ” “We might have to Band-Aid it and see if we can get another year out of it”. I’ve heard these words so many times in my 29 years in the industry, and all I can say about that is… sometimes you can’t afford NOT to replace…

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Why do AC’s only last 8-12 years in Austin TX


In my 29 years of being in this industry, I have been asked a lot of questions related to HVAC (heating,ventilation,air conditioning).  And I would say the number one is why do AC’s only last between 8 and 12 years? If you talk to Northerners, they’ll tell you they get over 20 years on their AC…

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